Survey Scanning & Processing


Data Survey Scanning Processing OWD expertise in survey and questionnaire scanning and processing has been built over many years. We first started processing survey material back in 2000, since then we have handled millions of forms and surveys of varying types for all market sectors.


OWD process tick box and handwritten responses, using our expertise, skill and state of the art technology to turn surveys into valuable and useable data supporting our customer's business requirements.


Survey Scanning OCR, OMR, ICR, data entry, or a combination, each and every project designed to give the best value and accuracy.


Output of the data in all formats, where required OWD also provide analysis and presentation data options, all designed and tailored specificly to each customer's needs.


Many of our international customers utilise our production facilities in the USA and Asia to support their UK operation, this ensures continuity and fluency of the data output removing the need for the customer to merge different output and information.



Employee SurveysEmployee Surveys

Customer SurveysCustomer Surveys

Market SurveysMarket Surveys

Feedback SurveysFeedback Surveys

Tenant SurveysTenant Surveys

Housing QuestionnairesHousing and Environmental Questionnaires

Patient SurveysPatient Surveys


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