Payroll Outsourcing


Data Payroll Outsourcing Many companies recognise the difficulties of handling payroll and the ever changing legislation associated with payroll processing. Outsourcing offers substantial advantages at the same-time taking the pressure off the company day to day management.


Utilising our payroll professionals means that management no longer need to cover staff holidays and sickness, keep up with legislation and form filing, they can devote precious resources to core business activities.


Our flexible service means we work with you, dedicating a specific member of the payroll team to be your day to day contact; keeping you informed on a regular basis. Our outsource service is designed to be flexible so that we can fit seamlessly with our customers in-house functions, at the same-time delivering the expertise and service which is our standard.


Payroll Outsourcing Our payroll processing deals with Starters, Leavers, P35s and P60/P45, SSP, SMP, pension contributions, court payments, CSAs, covers all your PAYE obligations and ensures timely delivery of payroll every payday.


Being a data company we understand the necessity of confidentiality and security.

OWD provide secure transfer of information/data using encrypted SSL transmission via our online servers. Any internal paper reports produced are securely shredded. All electronic data is stored and protected using the same high level of security as all projects we handle whether it is payroll, medical data, financial data or general data.


OWD payroll outsourcing provides outstanding payroll reporting, security and service.


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