OMR OCR ICR Conversion


Data OMR OCR ICR OMR Optical Mark Recognition, OCR Optical Character Recognition and ICR Intelligent Character Recognition are all data capture processes for automatically converting and extracting information from image. The right solution dependant on the source material and data capture requirements.


OMR - Optical Mark Recognition

OMR means Optical Mark Recognition. OMR follows instructions which tell it where to find marks on a paper form and then how to process them.

OMR technology is capable of capturing structured data to a high degree of accuracy.


OCR - Optical Character Recognition

OCR or Optical Character Recognition allows the conversion of all types of printed text no matter how it is structured or placed on a page and returns the results as fully editable text.


ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition

ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition takes the process a stage further. Hand written characters can be successfully interpreted and captured. This provides full flexibility for handling every type. Documents can be handwritten or a mixture of both handwritten and text documents.


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