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Microfilm Microfiche Conversion Microfilm Microfiche Conversion Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion


Many companies and organisations have archived data on Microfilm and Microfiche over many decades.


Much of this information is of value today and therefore conversion to new electronic formats is of a commercial advantage.


We have over 20 years experience in extracting all forms of data from Microfilm/Microfiche both as a full replica of the original document, selective text or database fields.

16mm Microfilm Microfiche16mm
35mm Microfilm Microfiche35mm
COM FicheCOM Fiche
Aperture CardsAperture Cards
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Some of our major projects to-date are from the Financial, Personnel, Pension and Medical sectors.


Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning


Companies and organizations not only require conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche into electronic text but also to other digitized formats such as PDF and Scanned image (tiff, jpeg).


Converting the Microfilm/Microfiche to image gives the flexibility to utilize the images across networks in a way which standard Microfilm and Microfiche archives cannot.



We can convert all types of Microfilm and Microfiche to image.



To add further value to the data, once the Microfilm or Microfiche has been scanned we can index the data to create a searchable index providing fast and efficient search criteria to retrieve the original document.



In addition to standard image formats, we can also output to PDF, which is a popular way of distributing data across multi-platform networks.


We can create both image only PDF as well as hidden searchable text PDF files adding further flexibility to the original archive.


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