UK Data Entry

Promotional Response Cards


A large distribution company recently ran a major promotion for several of its products.


OWD's role was to organise the receipt of the returned promotion cards and capture the data. The data fields included:

Name, Address, D.O.B., Email and Telephone/Mobile and a variety of tick box answers.






Microfilm Conversion / Data Extraction


A large European company required their archived data on microfilm be converted to useable text.


The data, which is mainly financial, covers almost 100 years of document archives.


OWD extracted the information over several weeks providing importable useable data.





Surveys & Questionnaires


An international consumer survey organisation selected OWD as its principle supplier for processing of surveys across North America and Europe.


OWD receive surveys via our established UK PO Box system, utilising our mailroom services to open, sort and prepare the documents.


The documents are scanned for data extraction and output as PDF; during the imaging process barcode data is extracted for inclusion in the data file.


Processing of tick boxes, handwritten comments and free flow text is merged with the barcode data to create a quality driven data output file.







OCR / Data Entry

Financial Data


OWD's customer requirement is the data value is dependent on speed and accuracy; therefore the project requires consistent, fast, accurate processing of documents in a minimum timeframe. Documents are received throughout the day via courier as hardcopy paper documents or sent to OWD as images. They are sorted and batched depending on the 'document type specification' ready for processing.


OWD process the documents via both OCR and Manual Data Entry to create a formatted MSWord file. The documents are in a variety of languages requiring skills and expertise which OWD have developed to a high accuracy. OWD's mixed language processing has been a major factor in the overall success of this project.


Throughout the day we deliver the completed MSWord files to our customer providing significant added value data when it is most needed.



XML Articles


A large UK publisher required articles processed from a variety of formats including paper books, Quark, MSWord into XML format.


The articles are sent to OWD on a weekly basis and delivered the next day.










BPO Invoice Processing


Our customer has selected OWD to process their supplier invoicing, statement and back office functions.


Utilising our mailroom services for receipt directly from suppliers of invoices, credit notes and statements, OWD open the mail, sort, prep and scan the documents. They are then processed directly to the customer's system on the same-day as receipt at our mailroom. A full support function is provided including document tracking, query resolution and where necessary the return of documents to suppliers that fail the required criteria.